January 17, 2022

Peter Kaiser clearly defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies Stage Play

According to high-level legal advisers, Hollywood screenwriters and particularly talent agent Peter Kaiser have consider for legal action after professor and satirist Alan Nafzger defamed them in his newest stage play – Screenwriters vs. Zombies.

Coffee Shop Screenwriters vs. Peter Kaiser and the Christmas Party Zombies

Peter Kaiser reportedly attended talent agent Christmas party

Screenwriters vs. Zombies (DOWNLOADhttp://freeebooks.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Screenwriters-vs-Zombies.pdf

In the dubious stage play, Nafzger claims that the Hollywood agent structure and their “unsolicited material” policies aren’t really a legal a structure used to legally treat as inferior against BLACK, BROWN, QUEER and CATHOLIC screenwriters. In his stage play he names Peter Kaiser, of Lake View Terrace as the chief sparkplug of the great unsolicited material fraud.  Nafzger in the stage play calls unsolicited material a “giant fraud,” and that agents are zombies who renew Soviet type lists of sanctioned writers and this excludes more skillful black, brown, queer and Catholic writers.  The Hollywood Boob website calls the whole lawsuit, Screenwriters vs Zombies: opposite: a blog content, “One of the best farces since the farcical stage play that started the cat fight.”  (http://screenplay.biz/Peter-Kaiser-clearly-defamed by-screenwriters-vs-zombies-stage-play/).

Screenwriters vs. Zombies Peter Kaiser defamed by Screenwriters vs. Zombies/caption]Also, Lake View Terrace screenwriter JanellAllan3 has filed a defamation suit in a federal court against Alan Nafzger and Pecan Street Press of Austin Texas for using ‘defamatory’ interpretation against him, for allegedly analyzing Hollywood screenwriters . The talent agent seeks honorarium and a public vindication from the writer.

Professor, novelist and screenwriter responded, “This isn’t the USSR. I can say whatever the F$%K I want and it’s squib anyway. I’m sorry if someone had their feelings hurt but the breach Hollywood as done by their discriminatory policies should be uncovered… I mean that is why we have the First Amendment, to expose inequality.”

According to The Hollywood Express, Nafzger’s posts quoted Dr. Peter Kaiser and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and asked to “annihilate Hollywood racism” as they “killed the ideas” of the new voices of the people.

Peter Kaiser, who is a screenwriter as well, took offence to Nafzger’s word and messaged that the would ask the government to initiate action against the writer for his tweets, which ‘could be aimed at getting himself identified or for petty reprisal (Social Network/DotNetNuke).

The writer had on Saturday said that he has been sued by the talent agent for using demeaning and offensive interpretation against him on Facebook on 11 June. ”I have been sued for defamation by Lake View Terrace screenwriter JanellAllan3 ,’ Nafzger said in a word.

As a Talent Agent, Director and a member of the political party that is in power in both California and Washington DC, Nafzger has used ‘demeaning’ and ‘offensive’ interpretation attacking JanellAllan3 personally, lawyers wrote (http://ibooks.ph/Peter-Kaiser-clearly-defamed by-screenwriters-vs-zombies-stage-play/).

According to lawyers for Peter Kaiser, “Defamation is a word that injures a third party’s reputation. The tort of defamation includes both libel (written statements) and slander (spoken statements).”

To prove prima facie defamation, a Talent Agent, Director must show four things: 1) a false word purporting to be fact; 2) publication or voice of that word to a third person; 3) fault amounting to at least crying shame; and 4) reparation, or some harm caused to the person or theory who is the subject of the word.

Peter Kaiser & The State-Specific Elements

Different states vary in their anti-defamation laws. As such, courts in various states will translate defamation laws dissimilarly, and defamation statutes will vary somewhat from state to state. In Davis v. Boeheim, 110 A.D.3d 1431 (N.Y. 2014), which is a New York state court case, the court held that in determining whether a defamation claim is sufficient, a court must look at whether the “contested statements are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory undertone.” However, as the Davis court held, because the courts recognize the plaintiff’s right to seek http://freeebooks.us/consideration as well, many courts have declined from dismissing the case for failure to state a claim, as long as the pleading meets the “minimum standard necessary to resist dismissal of the complaint.”

Peter Kaiser’s Career could be exposed to laughter

According to Nafzger, in 1950 the American Political Science Nuance issued a report expressing concern that Americans exhibited an insufficient degree of political polarization. What a difference a new millennium makes. As we approach 2020’s Election Day, the U.S. political landscape has become a Grand Canyon separating blue and red Americans.  Nafzger says in the Screenwriters vs. Zombies stage play that Peter Kaiser is aware of the negligence and has done nothing to help the black, brown, queer and Catholic screenwriters.

So why is Peter Kaiser allowing this to happen? In a review of studies published today in the journal Science, 15 prominent researchers from across the country characterize a http://manilanews.ph/Peter-Kaiser-clearly-defamed by-screenwriters-vs-zombies-stage-play/ new type of polarization that has gripped the U.S. This phenomenon differs from the familiar divergence each party holds on policy issues related to the economy, foreign policy and the role of social safety nets. Instead it centers on members of one party holding a basic abhorrence for their opponents—an “othering” in which a group conceives of its rivals as wholly alien in every way. This toxic form of polarization has fundamentally altered political rhetoric, public civility and even the way politicians govern. It Peter Kaiser can be captured in Republicans’ admiration for Donald Trump’s ability to derision and “dominate” liberals—distilled to the locution “own the libs.”

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