January 21, 2021

African Shaman Makhosi Nejeser Explains How to Ceremonially Say Goodbye to 2020 – EURweb

Makhosi Nejeser

Shaman Makhosi Nejeser

*As we round out a globally challenging year and approach a new one, many are looking forward to also renewing their minds, bodies, and spirits.

When it comes to cleansing the negative experiences of 2020, Makhosi Nejeser, a fully initiated Sanusi (Zulu Shaman) suggests traditional methods of personal healing, consciousness development, and transformation to start anew. With years of study and practice in ritual ceremonies, her insight on transcending the tumult includes suggestions for growth and endurance.

Nejeser bridges understanding between esoteric truths and practical and real-world applications. By breaking down complex spiritual ideas practiced by our ancestors, she makes them more approachable and relevant to contemporary growth seekers.

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In her own words, she guides us on not just the necessity of cleansing but also what would be considered spiritual and physical well-being maintenance.

“There are two things that I highly recommend everyone do regularly and the first is a very simple energetic cleanse. I know that right now things like smudging, etc, are really popular for that, but I’m actually a proponent of simply using water. We don’t have to hurt or endanger any plants in order to utilize water. It helps with setting the intention of cleansing from all of the fear and impatience and heaviness felt since this pandemic started. The other thing that I invite people to look at and where shamanism—not just the ceremonial or ritual aspect of it—is useful is with regards to relationship,” Nejeser says. “Shamanism is really a paradigm that’s built on understanding and prioritizing relationships — a relationship with oneself, and with one’s family, lineage and ancestry as well as our relationship with nature and how we find ourselves harmonized within it. With many people that I’ve been guiding through this time, a lot of them are struggling because they’re coming to this realization that they were operating in a robotic mode, and that their relationships were unstable, or not like they desire for them to be. The energetic instability that we’re experiencing in the world right now is also showing up in our personal lives. This time offers us an opportunity to look at what is working and what is not and be open to the shift.”

As for actual techniques for undertaking a personal shift during difficult times she further advises certain procedures. She states:

“One of the simplest things that people can do is bringing their awareness to the breath. Allowing yourself to take intentional, deep breaths by itself begins to relax the nervous system, calm the mind, bring you into the present, and then from there, you can take these three steps: The first step is essential to awaken, which is about becoming aware. The second step is to align yourself with what it is that you desire moving forward. The third is to activate, which is the aligned action portion of that three-step process. The most important thing out of that is to develop our awareness of what is actually happening, not what we believe is happening. And then looking at, is this actually serving me? Is it serving my family, my community? Is it serving us as a whole? If not, then what is serving us? What new path can we choose? That process would take us in a more desirable direction.”

Makhosi Nejeser offers a free quiz that helps seekers know their own level of self-awareness, as well as a bonus activation, which helps to expand into the next level. Find the free quiz and the Activate Your Intuition course available on her website http://www.theroyalshaman.com.

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