January 22, 2021

Indiana Jones, from the fifth chapter to the new video game: the return of Indy

When it came out in theaters Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in 2008, fans of the most famous archaeologist in the history of cinema were not entirely satisfied. Indeed, in most cases almost nothing. The problem, according to them, was not traceable in the directed by Steven Spielberg or in the interpretation by the legendary Harrison Ford, because it was the screenplay by David Koepp not to convince. The traits of historical or biblical mysticism that had always accompanied Indy’s adventures left room for a science fiction turn (with aliens coming “from the world between worlds“) that have greatly disqualified the enthusiasm of the fans.

In principle, excluding other mysteries related to Christian history and putting aside the more oriental fantasies, as well as the search for Atlantis at the center of the iconic LucasFilm video game from 1992, the franchise actually had nothing left but to invent something based on legends extraneous to these aforementioned worlds, and in fact it came to South America, by the way exchanging the Nazis with the communists, given the times of the Cold War and the Red Threat. Curiously, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is slowly being reevaluated over the years, but it is certain that production will change pitch with the conclusion of the saga scheduled for 2022, same year of release of the new video game by Indy by Bethesda.

Back in style

A fifth Indiana Jones has been talked about for practically ten years, but the actual realization began concretely only four years ago. The problem was not so much the security of the success of a new film in the franchise, how much to convince Spielberg and Harrison Ford to return respectively as director and protagonist of the project, given both their many commitments and the advancing age. As for the author, in fact, Spielberg has chosen to pass the baton to someone else, preferring to focus on different projects for him. Already when Ford turned the fourth chapter, however, he was 66 years old and still took part in some stunts even complex ones, being the sports interpreter and a lover of risk, but now it’s different. When Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters, Harrison Ford will have turned 80 years old and the body will obviously no longer be what it once was. It would not even be credible to see him wiggle left and right, between chases and fistfights, without real risks to his health, which leads us to reflect on the setting of the story and the action of this new and (understandably) last chapter of the saga. , at least the one with the protagonist the one and only Indy.

We don’t think that LucasFilm e Jonathan Kasdan they pointed to a story about Indiana’s senility, also because the choice of a director would have made absolutely no sense young and dynamic like James Mangold at the helm of the project. The action will undoubtedly be the protagonist, as will the adventure, but we believe that on the one hand it will be rethought and adapted to the physical canons of the eighty-year-old Ford, while on the other the muscularity of a new performer will follow. just as it was for Shia LaBeouf in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

There is talk of Chris Pratt as a possible and future replacement for Indy, who, however, will be a new original character, who perhaps could also inherit the nickname of Indiana Jones, but only as a nickname, because there is Indy and there will always be. only one.
As for the coordinates of the story, however, everything is silent. It is not absolutely clear which archaeological myth, biblical, oriental or South American the script will go to address, but maybe it won’t even come out of the United States of America and will focus on some Templar or Masonic story alla National Treasure.

All suppositions, of course, even if we would like not a little to see Atlantis at the center of the story, despite having already been the narrative fulcrum of the aforementioned 90s video game. Given the amount of possible historical content or legends, it is really difficult to understand in which direction it will go, however. This is true at least for the film, because as for the new video game Bethesdainstead, we have some clues.

Truly only one, one date, that of 21 October 1937 that appears on the plane ticket shown in the announcement trailer. This means that in spite of the last cinematic chapter, which must necessarily be set in the 60s or 70s, the videogame title will position itself between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. The same plane ticket as the trailer looks like it will then take Indy to Rome, with a map of Vatican City in plain sight, which suggests that even the videogame could have a plot linked to biblical history, perhaps to the Holy Shroud or something similar, perhaps even more unknown. What is certain is that 2022 will be a truly incredible year for Indiana Jones lovers, who will not only be able to see their favorite again on the big screen, in one last and hopefully daring adventure around the world, but will be able to impersonate him directly to live the experience of archaeological hunting. Because as Indy always says, “field experience doesn’t beat“.

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