September 18, 2020

Ivonne Orsini did not visualize that she would meet her goals from Puerto Rico

Ivonne Orsini returned to the Island about seven years ago, after studying and working in television and theater in Spain, but she always saw it as a temporary trip and at some point, she would return to Europe.

Now Spain is a destination within her travel options, because her family and professional life has already taken root here, and it is here that her goals of practicing law and motherhood, among others, are also anchored.

“I thought I was not going to be here. Not for anything bad, I love my country, and this is where I’m going to stay, but when I was in Spain, because of the time I was there studying and working, when I came here I thought it was going to be temporary, that I was going to be a time here, and I was going to return to Spain ”, he recalled.

The opportunity to develop in animation as part of the presenters of the entertainment program “Long live the afternoon!” (Wapa) was not long in coming, and with her, plans began to change.

“The best thing that came to me was really being here,” he said. “I have loved being a presenter, because apart from informing, people know me, I have that contact, and I have reached many people and many people have come to me through this work, and I really like it. Fortunately I can be in front of a camera being me. I don’t have to have any kind of character and they pay me ”.

A year ago he completed his Juris Doctor from the Inter-American University School of Law in San Juan. It is a career that he arrived at because of his concern to continue his studies after completing a bachelor’s degree in communications, and theater, although without the expectation of exercising it.

“Once inside, it gave me that feeling that I would like to exercise. I would not leave the media, I would love to be able to integrate them within the law, “he shared. The area of greatest interest is intellectual property or Entertainment Law.

There are many people who do not even know that I was a beauty queen (Miss World of Puerto Rico), others forget it and me too, and it is not that it is wrong, but I did not stay stuck in 2008. Many dream of being queens of beauty and have a great purpose; I saw it as a stage that had to go through a year and after that I became Ivonne again ”

-Ivonne Orsini, television presenter

The reign as Miss World of Puerto Rico in 2008 now sees it as an exhibition platform.

“It was always clear to me that I wanted to study, that’s why I finished my baccalaureate, I finished the Juris Doctor, because I had my plans, and that served as a platform. It did not lead me to where I am now, that is where my merits led me ”.

Your family, your priority

Orsini, a native of Bayamón, comes from a large family. She enjoys having her parents and her three siblings, and they are all her best friends, her confidants. She loves her godchildren as if they were biological children, and is just as fond of the two children of her partner, Christian Ravelo.

The relationship with the minors strengthened the natural maternal character in her, and it is an experience that brings her both joys and learning.

“They share a lot with dad, so I’m with them for a long time and fortunately, my partner has given me my space to be able to enter, not like his mother, because they have his mother, but it is a position that those of us who live are experience, you can understand me, because I did not imagine it, I did not think it, and I could not have said it this way if I had not lived it, because you do not have the role of mother, but you have the same affection as a mother ”.

Having her own family makes her very excited, and is part of the projections she shares with her partner.

“I have always wanted to be a mother, and by that I mean to have a family, because mother, if I had wanted, I could have been at another time, but I have always wanted to have a family,” she concluded.

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