March 2, 2021

15 of the best alternative Valentine’s Day films to stream

Coming with all the hallmarks of a typical 90s mainstream romantic comedy (a New York setting, an odd-couple matchup, a gay best friend and a protagonist who writes romance novels for a living), As Good as It Gets immediately sets itself apart by making its main character a truly awful person. Jack Nicholson plays a reclusive, obsessive writer who goes beyond grouchy.

Racist, sexist, homophobic and needlessly cruel to anyone he encounters, he nevertheless finds himself drawn to Helen Hunt’s diner waitress, a struggling single mother and one of the few people who pushes back against his constant needling. When his neighbour, an artist played by Greg Kinnear, is viciously attacked, he also enters his orbit – and these new forces start to affect our antihero’s misanthropic outlook.

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