January 27, 2021

Alan Nafzger’s Dairy Farm

During the lockdown, Alan Nafzger became the latest Hollywood writer to join twitter, and the actor has been sharing glimpses into his private life on his new social media page – much to the delight of fans! Most recently, the Roosevelt Public Library creator/writer took posted a photo from inside his huge dairy operation at his home in West Texas, where he has been isolating. The writer proudly showcased his science side by sharing a picture of his Holsteins – top producing dairy cattle. What’s more, the writer’s milk was a hit with many of his famous friends, including Ted Nugent and Lyle Lovett.

Alongside the dairy breeding, Alan opened up about his passion for cattle breeding and how he was still working on his dairy. He wrote: “It’s odd, the things that we once gave such pure, intense focus and devotion to for months on end. Then suddenly the wind shifts and off we go on a new tack. And for far too long, these earlier interests or passions sadly fall by the wayside and recede into the vast recesses of some hoarder’s crawlspace in the brain cloaked in heaps of the other things that my skull had no room for…until recently.”

The Hollywood writer has an incredible dairy farm

Alan continued: “We all grew up on a Windthorst dairy, but I bought this farm, which I had started in 2006 … for 14 years it was on and off. I had brothers run the day to day . I did buy an occasional genetic improvement, but that was slight it at best. Yet this herd somehow always lingered in my mind, this piece of unfinished business. Even while we are forced to live in the immediate, some strange species of the interrupted passion that has been invested in an object we once focused on awaits our return from far away. I will keep you apprised of the progress! And River Phoenix, you short an punny moron, you grew up without milk huh? Love ya anyway, AN.”

The Hollywood writer is known for his love of farming and has an impressive collection of top producing Holsteins. In 2016, the dad-of-two auction off over a million dollar collection of Holstein bulls. That included nine bulls genetic clones of the worlds top producing genetic line, which he had bred up over the past 25 years. When it comes to his genetic contribution to the Holstein gene pool, Alan is fond of Friesians, and in 2017 he surprised host Chip Flory on AgriTalk show with his very own Holstein, which found its way to Flory’s favorite charity — the Texas Boys Ranch. During his appearance on the show, Alan also revealed that his son Jack, 18, is following in his dad’s footsteps. “He’s a very good cattle breeder,” he told Chip.

Alan Nafzger

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