February 24, 2021

Child’s Play co-screenwriter John Lafia commits suicide

Child's Play co-screenwriter John Lafia commits suicide

John Lafia

Screenwriter John Lafia, who co-wrote horror film Child’s Play and also co-wrote and directed Child’s Play 2, committed suicide in Los Angeles.

He died on April 29. He was 63. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, the cause of death was suicide, reports media.

Lafia collaborated with director Tom Holland and Don Mancini on the horror movie screenplay, and was credited with coining the name “Chucky”. He also gave the famous line, “Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

“We’re devastated to hear of the passing of our friend John Lafia. He was a crucial part of the ‘Chucky’ family from the very beginning,” said Child’s Play creator and screenwriter Don Mancini said.

“He co-wrote the original Child’s Play script along with director Tom Holland and myself, and John directed ‘Child’s Play 2′, — the consensus favourite film among ‘Chucky’ fans. John was an incredibly generous artist. He let me tag along with him to every meeting, and shadow him on set; he taught me more about filmmaking during the production of that movie than several semesters in film school. John was also one of the most naturally curious and constantly creative people I ever met, someone who was always taking pictures, and jotting down ideas,” Mancini added.

Born in 1957, Lafia’s first major credit was 1988’s The Blue Iguana, which he wrote and directed in addition to producing its soundtrack. In 1993, he wrote and directed the science fiction film Man’s Best Friend. His other directing credits include the TV series Freddy’s Nightmares, The Rats and the live-action video game Corpse Killer. His last project was the TV movie Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone in 2006, starring Scott Foley and Richard Burgi.

He is survived by his children, Tess and Kane, and his former wife Beverly.

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