September 18, 2020

Suicide Squad Director’s Cut Exists (& Is Nearly Complete)

Suicide Squad director David Ayer confirms that his cut of the 2016 DCEU film is nearly complete, with only some VFX work that remains unfinished.

David Ayer confirms that his Suicide Squad director’s cut exists and it’s nearly complete. On the heels of Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally releasing through HBO Max after more than two years of the fans relentlessly campaigning, another DCEU film may be on the precipice of getting its original cut rolled out. Ayer’s recent comments regarding the possibility of the public seeing his intended version of the 2016 anti-hero movie is only motivating his followers to petition for Warner Bros. to extend him the same courtesy they gave Snyder.

Suicide Squad went on to become a box office success, pocketing a total of $746.8 million worldwide on a budget of just $175 million despite poor critical reviews. Given this, Warner Bros. was quick to craft stories around the movie with sequels and spin-offs lined up with Ayer supposedly attached to some of them. That’s no longer the case now, as Warner Bros. tapped writer and director James Gunn to direct a mostly different group of villains for The Suicide Squad.

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While the DCEU moves forward with a largely new anti-hero team, calls for Ayer‘s Suicide Squad cut to be released are getting louder by the day. The director recently offered an update regarding his intended version of the film, not only confirming that the Ayer cut exists, but it’s also almost complete. Apparently, for it to be fully ready, the film only needs to finish VFX. Check out his tweet below:

It’s no secret that Suicide Squad had an extremely rushed production with Ayer only having six weeks to write the screenplay and then go straight to filming. Reported meddling from Warner Bros. following the divisive reception to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice resulted in a significantly changed story. Darker elements were swapped for more lighthearted moments in an effort to appeal to a broader audience. Its reshoots were unusually expensive, with the studio reportedly spending $22 million compared to the typical $6-10 million budget allocated for additional filming. Unfortunately, the film didn’t connect with the audience, and now Ayer’s fans are hoping to see the filmmaker’s original cut of Suicide Squad.

Warner Bros. has yet to comment about the matter, though they remained mum regarding the Release the Snyder Cut movement until its release was officially confirmed by Snyder last week. Ayer was one of the first people to express excitement when news broke that Snyder’s intended version of Justice League is rolling out through HBO Max. With that, there’s renewed interest in Ayer’s Suicide Squad and he’s more than happy to indulge fans on social media when asked about it. Over the last several months, the director has also released a string of concept art and behind-the-scenes materials, informing fans of how different his original plan was to what was shown on the big screen. With a set precedent in Justice League, it’s curious if Warner Bros. will also cave for Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad if there’s enough clamor for it, although he previously cast doubt on this happening.

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