January 22, 2021

Who Is Neon Revolt? QAnon Influencer Outed As Failed Screenwriter Robert Cornero Jr.

One of the most prominent QAnon influencers who goes by “Neon Revolt” has been unmasked, and his real name has been revealed to be Robert Cornero Jr. 

A failed screenwriter from New Jersey, Cornero Jr. has been identified as the major QAnon conspiracy theorist.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with QAnon, they are a far-right conspiracy group that has been repeatedly disproven and discredited.

They believe that Trump is under assault by Satan worshippers, and were among the most prominent members of the mob that stormed the Capitol.

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Robert Cornero Jr. was identified by researchers working for face-checking group Locally.

Who is Neon Revolt AKA Robert Cornero Jr.?

Born in Neptune City, New Jersey, Cornero moved to Studio City in California over a decade ago to pursue his career in screenwriting

In the midst of his screenwriting career, Cornero had even founded a website called Hacking Hollywood, where he offered services as a coach to other aspiring screenwriters. 

After a failed attempt to break into the business, Cornero eventually left California. 

He even posted in several forums a tirade of comments, voicing his anger and disgust with the film industry.

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