March 1, 2021

Will we ever see the sequel?

In 2017, CBS debuted its hour-long drama series Training Day, set 15 years after the events of the film. The show’s relationship to the movie is mostly limited to similarities with its premise: In it, Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell, The Umbrella Academy), a rookie cop with the LAPD’s Special Investigation Section, goes undercover as the new partner of Frank Roarke (the late, great Bill Paxton), the ex-partner of Craig’s deceased father, to document his illegal activities and help to bring him down. Interestingly, the series’ first season saw the rookie follow the opposite arc of Hawke’s character in the film: Initially dedicated to his mission to put Roarke away, he slowly begins to look up to the older cop, and even to question whether he could be an ally in helping him to get revenge for his father’s murder.

The series wasn’t exactly a hit with the critics, but audiences were on board. Unfortunately, it was canceled after its lone season due to the death of Paxton in February 2017. While we’ll never get to find out what became of Craig and Roarke, it seems that we will soon be revisiting the character of Alonzo Harris — with a prequel film centered on his early days in the LAPD.

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