October 21, 2021

‘The Last Duel,’ Ridley Scott’s epic, stars an outstanding Jodie Comer

When Ridley Scott goes big, he goes huge.

He certainly does in “The Last Duel,” aiming for an epic with a star-studded film based on the real-life final sanctioned duel in France — and partially succeeding. 

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener, who wrote the screenplay based on Eric Jager’s book, tell the story “Rashomon” style, with different points of view; Affleck and Damon also star. It’s a war movie, an action thriller and a legal drama with probably another genre or two thrown in for good measure.

It’s also a commentary on social injustice. A woman’s rape — and how she is treated by the 14th century men who run things with wildly insensitive and irresponsible reactions that at times sound disturbingly contemporary — is central to the story.

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