King Richard: How to watch the Oscar-nominated movie in Australia

The story of Serena and Venus Williams has been turned into a hit movie in the form of King Richard. 

The film focuses on Richard Williams, the eccentric father of the sisters, who is played by American actor Will Smith. 

Released in late 2021, King Richard was nominated for six Oscars that included nods for best picture, best actor and best screenplay

How to watch King Richard in Australia

King Richard was only released in australia/" 774 target="_blank">Australian cinemas earlier this year but can now be watched from the comfort of home. 

The Oscar-nominated movie can be streamed via digital platforms such as Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon’s Prime Video Store

It can be rented digitally for $29.99 or bought outright for $34.99. 

For those after a physical copy of King Richard, the film will be released in DVD format on April 6 in Australia with prices starting from $19.98

Did Serena and Venus Williams like King Richard?

The Williams sisters are listed as executive producers on the movie having provided approval after an early viewing. 

While their father’s portrayal isn’t always a flattering one as he pushes them towards successful careers as tennis players, Serena feels the film got the balance right. 

“People have gotten the story wrong, or media have portrayed my dad in an untruthful light. We want to get this story right,” the younger Williams sister was quoted by Forbes late last year.

“I think it was a great opportunity to see how amazing African-American fathers are. A lot of Black men aren’t seen in that light. And a lot of people think that my dad was a different character.

“He wanted us to have fun first over anything. That’s the thing that I loved most.”

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