May 18, 2021

Winona Ryder screenplay subject of prison petition

Winona Ryder screenplay – Actress | Producer | Soundtrack, Little Women (1994) | Heathers (1989) | Girl, Interrupted (1999)


Winona Ryder screenplay subject of prison petition

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Petition Addressing the Texas Judicial System Requests Support through Winona Ryder’s “Dumbass”

Will Hollywood be a Reason for Change in the Injustice against Men and Women Prisoners?

19th March 2021 – An upcoming movie depicting the injustice that men and women had to endure in the state penitentiaries in Texas has been inundated with calls from more than 2000 women urging the production company owned by Hollywood actor, producer and director Winona Ryder and Adam Sandler, to stick to the real issues behind the Texas Judicial system. A petition was signed by many people that include attorneys, university professors, politicians and family members of the many men and women that are suffering in the state penitentiaries. The idea behind the petition is for the Winona Ryder production company and Hollywood to stick to the true story about the injustices happening in the state run prisons. It is said that the state has sent more inmates to prison than during the Soviet Union did during their political uprising.

PREMISE: Adam Sandler writes letters and saves numerous women from the monotony of prison life, and later when he gets into trouble with a drug cartel they return the favor by rescuing him.

SETTING: Contemporary, Gatesville Texas. There are four women’s prisons located in Gatesville. And of course, Texas is famous for putting everyone in prison for a long time for little or no reason. The number of women in Texas prisons has doubled in the last ten years. Why don’t we have the “Adam Sandler” character… sending letters to women in prison and being their friend and trying to help them adjust, giving them hope… and when they get out of prison he picks them up so they don’t have to ride the smelly bus back home… but his pickup truck is a junker, smoking and sputtering … worse than the bus. But his heart is in the right place… He’s the last “chivalrous” man on earth.

It is said in the petition that many of the signatories were left distraught to find that many of the first time offenders for violations such as drug peddling have received disproportionate sentences. While some argue that a lenient sentence like rehabilitation would have proven much more inexpensive and an effective solution in tackling this gross miscarriage of justice. The petition was discovered by the women when the screenplay of the movie was donated to all the 580 prisons run by private organizations funded by the state government. It is much more difficult for women who are given much harsher penalties for a violation such as carrying small amount of drugs like Marijuana which coincidentally is legal in 21 states.

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About Winona Ryder’s “Dumbass” Movie

The movie “Dumbass” revolves around the protagonist writing letters to prison inmates to keep their spirits high during their time in prison; only for them to help the main character who gets into trouble with a drug cartel and saving him at the end. The petition urges the production company, Winona Ryder and Adam Sandler to take this issue seriously due to the hardships faced by women inside prison rather than making light of the situation for their own profits.

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Cross (another SUSPECT) wants to know why his daughter hired Gittes, and offers to double his fee if Gittes will find the “girl” (or other woman). Cross says Evelyn is a disturbed woman, and he’s afraid of what Evelyn will do to the girl. Gittes agrees to take on that investigation. During this scene, we learn that Jake and Escobar had been partners on the Chinatown beat. Cross expresses concern that Jake is taking his daughter for a ride, an inappropriately sexual joke (CLUE). He also presses Jake about whether he’s sleeping with Evelyn (he has too much sexual interest in his daughter — CLUE). More fish here: they eat fish for lunch, and Cross has it served with the head, one eye staring blindly up from the plate (the “blind” and eye imagery).

Winona Ryder – I just love it that Noah Cross seems to live on his own island. Also, the opening shot is of the Avalon Ballroom, an elegant round white Deco building that in this shot looks vaguely Greek, like a temple or palace. There is a yacht club, and we see the fish flag, the symbol of the Albacore Club (CLUE — also reiterating fish = bad). Jake is driven up to meet Noah Cross at his ranch. (I like the mariachis here – more old Los Angeles history, going back to the very roots of the place.)

1 hour in: CUT TO: Catalina Island

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by: Winona Ryder – Actress | Producer | Soundtrack, Little Women (1994) | Heathers (1989) | Girl, Interrupted (1999)